ColorXRA 45

ColorXRA 45


ColorXRA 45 요약정보 및 구매

UV캘리브레이트 45°:0° 인라인, 작은 광학부의 비접촉 분광측색계로, 제지 및 플라스틱 생산라인에서 색상 오류 확인에 이상적인 솔루션

제지 및 플라스틱 인라인을 위한 컬러 


  • 생산 운영 중단없이, 라인 상에서 포인트 컬러 측정
  • 운영시작 시간 단축 및 최대 50% 쉐이드 체인지 타임 단축
  • 자동 클로즈 룹 컬러 컨트롤을 통한 염료 사용 및 폐기물 절약


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Improve Color Quality with Inline Color Management

Designed to meet the requirements of industrial paper and plastic environments, the industry-leading, non-contact ColorXRA 45 inline spectrophotometer measures color on a variety of paper and plastic materials where color is critical, including those with textured, finely patterned and glossy surfaces, and with optical brightening agents. When used with ESWin Closed Loop Color Control software, the ColorXRA 45 enables precise and automatic color adjustments to reduce rework caused by color variations and increase production output.

0.3 ΔE*
Inter-Instrument Agreement
1 nm
Spectral Resolution
Device Geometry
Enable fast  production
Enables Fast, Automatic Control for a More Stable Production Environment

The ColorXRA 45 is mounted on a custom frame over the production line at the correct distance to detect even the smallest color deviations.  When paired with ESWIN Closed Loop Color Control software, color corrections are carried out automatically and dye adjustments can be calculated in one step. ColorXRA 45 removes the guesswork around color control for less waste and rework, and a fast ROI.

Correlate Lab Data
Correlates With Lab Measurements to Minimize Color Variations and Rejections

With standardized 45°:0° measurement geometry and spectral resolution of 1 nm, the ColorXRA 45 maintains tight color tolerances throughout production without cutting a sample. Temperature and dirt detection sensors warn of issues that could impact final color. Base color and optical brighteners can be measured separately for optimal control over each component for stable measurements even when base weight or opacity change.

Objective Color Evaluation

Records and stores all color quality documentation for future evaluation according to ISO 9001. 

Excellent Short- and Long-Term Stability

Uses dual beam measurement and automatic wavelength calibration to ensure exceptional measurement accuracy and stability. 

Maximum Uptime and Reliability

Ambient light, web speed, and normal flutter do not influence measurement accuracy and external calibration is only required every four weeks.


ColorXRA 45

  • Plastics
Measurement Geometry45°/0°
Measurement Timeflash
Measurement Working Distance10mm
Short Term Repeatability - WhitedL*, da*, db* < 0.03
Spectral Interval330-730
Spectral Range1nm